New EU Parliament must uphold and defend all European values

Considering EU leaders’ Sibiu Declaration (9 May 2019), in particular:

‘We will continue to protect our way of life, democracy and the rule of law. The unalienable rights and the fundamental freedoms of all Europeans were hard fought and will never be taken for granted. We will uphold our shared values and principles enshrined in the Treaties.’

We demand the new European Parliament to help ensure that the Sibiu Declaration is not an empty promise:

  1. Do everything you can to uphold and defend ALL our fundamental freedoms and rights as enshrined in the EU treaties, both in your home country and at EU level.
  2. Ensure the European Commission does its job as Guardian of the Treaties.

We urge voters to help defending democracy: be a voter on 23-26 May, and vote for a candidate whose national party is member of a European political group that is pro-values. Check out here how to do that.

Speaking at the Italian Senate, our executive director Alice Stollmeyer said:

“We have a moral duty to uphold and defend our values. Not just for our own EU citizens, but also to remain a shining light for our brothers and sisters in countries that are not free.”