Defending Democracy has created several communities, two of which also meet offline.

Defenders of Democracy

Defenders of Democracy is a community of professionals who are deeply concerned about the urgent and growing threats to European democracy from both inside and outside the EU. We sense that Brussels has grasped neither the scale nor the urgency of that threat, and think liberal democracy won’t prevail by merely restating European values. We work to understand those threats and expose the forces who are fuelling them. We support each other in a shared effort to safeguard and renew liberal democracy. We organise events to grow and support a larger community of democracy defenders. Defenders of Democracy’s first meeting took place on Wednesday 23 May 2018 – exactly one year before the European elections. Read more here.

Democracy Drinks

Every month (starting from 18 October 2018), freedom loving people working in or with civil society meet up at informal gatherings known as Democracy Drinks. The events attract a lively mixture of people from NGOs, academia, EU institutions, national governments and social business. Democracy Drinks are a great way of catching up with people you know, for making new contacts and testing ideas, for moral support and inspiration. Feel free to invite friends and colleagues that work on or are interested in European values like liberal democracy, rule of law, human rights… Come along and you will be made welcome! Read more here.

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