Americans want to know the truth about Russian interference in their politics and society

Over 220,000 Americans Nationwide Pledge to Protest if Trump Fires Mueller, Rosenstein.

Public Draws Red Line as Evidence of Obstruction Mounts, and Nunes Memo is Debunked.

Number of Sign-Ups at & Constituent Calls Skyrocket as Attacks on Mueller, Rosenstein, and Rule of Law Grow Louder

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As President Trump and his allies escalate their efforts to interfere with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, over 220,000 Americans have signed up to participate in almost 800 protests in all 50 states to draw a red line around the Russia probe. These protests will occur within hours of any attempt by Donald Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, pardon key witnesses and/or interfere with the criminal investigation into the Trump campaign and administration, for example, by firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. In just the past two weeks, Americans have made over 12,000 calls to Congress to support the investigation and to oppose efforts from Rep. Nunes to discredit investigators with false claims.

Sign-ups have again surged in recent days at as House Republicans voted to release the “extraordinarily reckless” Nunes memo amidst opposition from the Department of Justice and FBI. Upon its release, the memo was immediately debunked and has been exposed as a transparent attempt to smear law enforcement professionals investigating the Trump campaign. Meanwhile, though last night Republican lawmakers cast an important vote to release the Schiff memo to allow the minority’s posture on the same intelligence to be public, we are now relying on President to Trump to affirm the release within the five days.

The release of the Nunes memo was yet another attempt to attack Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein— a registered Republican and Trump appointee — who oversees the Mueller investigation. Rosenstein has testified that there’s no cause to fire the special counsel, clearly angering the administration, but he must remain in place. Should he be fired, the White House could appoint a more controllable deputy attorney general to take control of the investigation and end it.

Efforts to undermine the investigation continue as Trump’s lawyers recommend he refuse to be interviewed by Special Counsel Mueller on the Russia inquiry, suggesting Trump has something to hide. At the same time, the public is looking for answers from the President, with 78 percent saying that they want Trump to testify, and new polling showing the majority of Americans want the investigation to be completed.

Concerned Americans can use the map tool or search by ZIP Code to find an event near them or create one if none exists. Protests will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller or Rosenstein firing. Currently, there are almost 800 protest locations in all 50 states, including cities such as Salt Lake City, Juneau, Carson City, Chattanooga, Little Rock, Tupelo, Grand Forks, New York City, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

“The memo drama of the past week highlights the need to double down on defense of the special counsel’s investigation. Threats to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, attacks on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and generalized smears against the DOJ and FBI intended to undermine the Russia investigation are unacceptable. It is mind-boggling that the president of the United States and his allies are far more concerned with concocting groundless attacks on American law enforcement agencies than standing up to fight foreign election interference. And as we draw closer to the next election in 2018, the American people are owed an understanding of the situation and real solutions to ensure that this never happens again,” said Lisa Gilbert, Vice President of Legislative of Affairs at Public Citizen.

“The release of this now debunked memo was just the latest salvo in a transparent campaign to smear the law enforcement professionals investigating Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice and possible collusion with a hostile foreign adversary,” said Sean Eldridge, founder and president of Stand Up America. “Our members understand the serious risks to the special counsel investigation posed by these attacks and are more energized than ever to demand that Congress protect the rule of law and block Trump from firing Robert Mueller.”

“Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan, and Republicans in Congress are acting like the Cover-Up Caucus, helping Donald Trump put himself above the law, just as he has for decades. But hundreds of thousands of people across the country have said it’s imperative that we ensure Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans keep their hands off the independent investigation,” said David Sievers, Campaign Director at

“Americans deserve to know the truth about Russian interference in their politics and society. Europeans also want to know the truth – because Russia is interfering in their democracies too. We all need to know what happened, in order to prevent it from happening again. We need a Transatlantic response to the Kremlin’s hybrid war on the West,” said Alice Stollmeyer, Executive Director of Defending Democracy.

“With the fallout of Russian intervention in the 2016 election increasing by the day, Americans are fed up with attempts to undermine the investigation of Robert Mueller. The decision to release a misleading memo designed to discredit the investigation puts the dangerous and disturbing agenda of the modern-day Republican party on stark display. People For the American Way is proud to have helped generate tens of thousands of calls and petition signatures calling for Devin Nunes to be removed from his position as chair of the House Intelligence committee. This type of accountability is absolutely necessary; nothing short of the integrity of our democracy is at stake,” said Marge Baker, Executive Vice President of People For the American Way.

“Americans deserve the truth about the full scope of the Russia investigation, not a short memo that peddles a Trump transition team member’s selectively-sourced conspiracy theories. The truth about the attack on our democracy by a hostile foreign power must not be hidden for partisan gain. Common Cause’s more than 1 million members and activists will continue to urge Speaker Ryan with phone calls, emails, and rallies to put his country before his party and remove Chairman Devin Nunes from the House Intelligence committee immediately,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, President of Common Cause.

“The American people have a fundamental right to know the full story of Russian intervention in the 2016 presidential election and whether Trump campaign officials and Trump associates played any role in the intervention. The American people also have a fundamental right to know whether President Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice in his various efforts to impede and undermine the Justice Department and Special Counsel investigation into this matter. Any effort by President Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Mueller investigation, will be met with a national firestorm the likes of which have not been seen since the Watergate Saturday Night Massacre. No one is above the law in our democracy, starting with the President, the most powerful person in our constitutional system of government,” said Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer. is not organized by any individual group and is instead a collaborative effort of dozens of organizations from across the political and ideological spectrum, including the partners listed here.